Naturally occurring sediments settle at the bottom of potable water pipelines. When water passing through the pipelines speeds up due to firefighting or a pipeline break the faster water flow can stir up the sediment in the pipeline and cause the water to appear yellow or brown.

On Monday, July 5, 2021 the Seminole Improvement District (SID) experienced a pipeline break at the newly constructed Kingfisher Boulevard near Town Center Parkway South. The pipeline break caused the water to rush toward the pipeline break at a high velocity before discharging through the pipeline break and onto Kingfisher Boulevard.

At no time did the water main system lose pressure while valves were being closed to isolate the
area where the pipeline break occurred. No contaminant entered the pipeline break before the valves were closed on each side of the break due to the high pressure of the water expelling water at the pipeline break. However, the pipeline break did cause sediments to be stirred up by the fast movement of the water to the pipeline break and thereby causing the cloudiness in water noticed by some residents. SID has been flushing hydrants within the Hammocks, Meadows, Sky Cove, Cresswind and the Groves neighborhoods to discharge the cloudy water from the water mains.

SID receives its treated potable water from Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department but conducts its own water quality sampling throughout Westlake to ensure the potable water meets all safe drinking water standards.

Beginning next week, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department will be conducting its semi-annual high-level disinfection burn of the entire County system and all consecutive water systems.

This high-level disinfection burn is conducted to keep the County’s system within prescribed parameters. In conjunction with the County the Seminole Improvement District will be doing additional flushing of the distribution system to ensure the water is maintained within the specified parameters.


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