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About Us

Seminole Improvement District (SID) is an independent special purpose government  authorized by Chapter 189 of the Florida Statutes that was formed on June 26, 1970 by the legislature of the state of Florida.  SID was formerly known as Seminole Water Control District and consists of approximately 4,000 acres of land.  The District is roughly located between 60th street N. on the north, 140th Avenue N.  on the east, Cheetham Hill Road on the west and Sycamore Drive on the south, with a small portion extending to Southern Blvd.

SID has been primarily an agricultural operation known as Callery–Judge for the past number of years.   The District is in the process of transforming from agricultural to a development within the next ten to fifteen years.

 SID is empowered to construct and maintain a number of types of public works and utilities including water, sewer, drainage, irrigation, water management, parks, recreation facilities, roadways and/or related activities.

Some of the current facilities within SID are schools (Seminole Ridge High School, Western Pines Middle, and Golden Grove Elementary), a packing plant and a small shopping center.

SID operates within the ethics provisions as outlined in Chapter 189 and Chapter 112 of the Florida Statutes as applicable and the Florida Commission on Ethics.


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